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El bosque de la bruja y los calcetines mágicos
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The witch's forest and the magic socks
Jutta Richter
Illustrations by Jörg Mühle
Bookbinding: Hard cover
Size: 14 x 22 cm
ISBN: 978-84-96646-81-0
Age: 9 years old and up
PRICE:  10.1 €

Certainly, Karla can't complain: she's young, beautiful, she has a cottage in the woods leaned by the wind and a witch's cauldron, where she cooks witch's soup. If only she weren't so lonely!


Another one who's lonely is Robert, the charcoal delivery man, who can't find a girl who wants to go out with him because of his black nails. Black nails don't bother Karla, she's not like that. But how could these two meet?


Jutta Richter tells a witch tale with everything it's supposed to have. Even with twin witches and the spell for a true elephant. But, above all, she tells a tale about happiness.

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Todo lo que deseo para ti
Everything that I wish for you
Jutta Richter

When a baby is born, it is accompanied with an inconceivable amount of happiness. We make wishes of a lucky life, and, the best ones among these wishes are inside this work of art.


“Actually, this book should be given to those that have just become parents, but it is also good to read it to the children, or let the children read it, because it contains good wishes that have been turned into poetry and are aimed to the newborns… It is a warm, gratifying, positive, cheerful text, a bright choice to read before switching lights off, before falling in Morpheus’ hug (CLIJ, Children and Young Adult’s Literature Notebooks).

PRICE: 8.99 €
The day in which I learnt how to tame spiders
Jutta Richter

Spoilsport is what children call Rainer. Because, in some way, she is different and she also has a strange family. Even though, Rainer is the one who is always there when fear appears, when the cat in the basement is stalking in the dark, or when the giant spider is waiting for its victims, hanging from the ceiling of the bedroom. She always figures something out: Rainer listens, she chases the cat in the basement away and she even knows how to tame spiders.

However, the others don’t get along with Rainer and it is difficult to become her friend. Because, actually, what is the point of a friendship that just brings you problems and trouble? But, is it really about that? Or is it more important to have someone who is always there when you need it?

Jutta Richter narrates, using a dense and suggestive style, a story about discrimination, friendship and treason.


Obtained awards:

- German award to young adults’ books (fiction) 2001

- Austrian award to the best book in January 2001

- Luchs Prize, 2000 (awarded by Bremen Radio and Die Zeit newspaper).

PRICE: 9.01 €
The summer of the pike
Jutta Richter


"Everything is like it has always been, like if nothing had happened” However, everything changes that very same summer. While Anna is yearning for stopping time, Daniel and Lukas are trying to capture a pike. And, behind the closed blinds of the windows, Gisela waits, ill on her bed. Daniel believes her mother will get over the illness if they catch the pike. Anna does not believe it, but Daniel and Lukas are her friends.

Jutta Richter narrates the last summer of a childhood, the last summer of hope and sadness, of friendship and love between brothers, which is able to console you even when consolation is the hardest thing.

Some of the obtained awards:

- Catholic Award to children and young adults’ books in 2005, awarded by German Conference of Bishops.

- Luchs Prize, awarded by Bremen Radio and Die Zeit.

- Die Besten 7 (the top seven), awarded by Deutschlandfunk (German Radio).

- LesePeter Prize, by German Education and Science trade union.

Some of the praises given by some renowned German media:

"… it is art to use simple words in order to get closer to difficult questions. But Jutta Richter travels light. Her language is one of light, touching beauty, and unspoken feelings hide themselves in the sentences, in a way that allows this summer story to be intensely read” (Die Zeit).  

"Its style is accurate and rigurous, but deep and beautiful. This The summer of the pike will keep on shining inside its readers’ hearts for a long time” (F.A.Z.).

You end this book feeling touched, and you wish many readers were able to find it, because reading this dense, poetic text makes teenagers and adult people richer at the same time”. (Süddeutsche Zeitung).


 And some opinions by Spanish critics:

"... Richter describes things in a very sensitive way, using a really poetic style. The rhythm this German writer gives to her text is slow but deep… A wonderful story that will leave no reader indifferent” (Educación y Biblioteca).

PRICE: 9.01 €
The day I played the role of María
Jutta Richter

“I wish to play the role of María. I write it down in my wish list. It is my greatest desire. I close the envelope and I put it on the windowsill”.


The desire the little girl has to play María’s role in the live nativity scene is so big. But, because she is new in the class she can’t chose the role she must play. However, it is Christmas time and whishes are fulfilled!



“A story about integration that serves as a tool to improve children education. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by prejudices and never lose your hope. You can get everything you want if you are determined to get it” (Canal Lector).



“… Ricther’s prose (…) surprises us in each sentence; it shines a light on us with a tender children logic, puzzling and evocative” (Babar magazine).



“Rarely a text is so successfully illustrated like this short, weighty piece of literature” (Süddeustche Zeitung).


“A beautiful story… Charles Dickens’ spirit would cheer up” (Die Zeit).

PRICE: 11.75 €
Yo aquí sólo soy el perro
I'm just the dog around here
Jutta Richter

There is no one better than Jutta Richter to tell us a sweet and amusing, nearly philosophical, story about the relationships between dogs and men. In I’m just the dog around here, the point of view is turned upside down and it is the dog the one that tells us about.


Fluency and narrative rhythm make this story a small but brilliant piece of art.

Recommended by SOL.

Selected by Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation to contribute “Lo + 2012” (2012 tops).

“Best books for children and young adults” award 2013, awarded by Banco del Libro.

"Jutta Richter’s prose is lucid and surprising and that is the reason why we find it so captivating… A book that allows us to enjoy each word and that invites us to look at the world we live in from a different point of view” (Babar Magazine).


“Dogs have walked with and protected people for centuries. Children’s literature has narrated this close relationship and Jutta Richter also writes, with I am just the dog around here, from a four-legged point of view, the story of this relationship, giving continuity to it by means of a small but brilliant work.

Anton, that is the main character’s name, is a dog with an immigrant past who find it difficult to forget his mother country. But Anton has been lucky indeed. This shepherd dog from Hungary has found a new home thanks to Friedbert, Emily and their little daughter. However, the three of them behave really differently than sheep, cows and jackals that he used to know in the Puszta, his homeland. Therefore, misunderstandings, troubles and funny situations are inevitable.

In a brilliant way, far from a kitsch style, Jutta Richter narrates about how and why almost any puppet can find a place in peoples’ hearts… Fluency and narrative rhythm make the readers be so attracted that they can sense how much happiness living with a wanderer like Anton brings.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung).

PRICE: 10.79 €
Jutta Richter

“Young heroes of the Towpath. A group of brave children prevent conflagration” That was the big headline in the local newspaper. However, the truth is rather a different story. Eleven-years-old Felix and his friends Corina and Mia did not extinguish the fire but on the contrary. In fact, they caused it in the first place with the only intention of living an “adventure”. When the blame is pinned on a local alcoholic, who is broadly considered to be suspected of causing the fire, the three friends find themselves in a moral conflict which will also determine the relationships among them

A new novel by German writer Jutta Richter, awarded with so many Literary prizes that they would fill three pages (according to German newspaper “Die Welt”) and who always writes following Gorki’s motto: “You must write for children the same way you write for adults, only better.”


PRICE: 10.79 €
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