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If I were a lion
Isabel Pin
Bookbinding: Cardboard
Size: 25 x 27,5 cm
ISBN: 978-84-96646-90-2
Edition number: 6th edition
Age: For ages 2 and up
PRICE:  16.35 €

Almost all children love to mimic the different sound each animal makes. This new board book by Isabel Pin invites the youngest children to do it by means of short and easy to understand texts: How a lion roars, how a goat bleats, how a frog croaks, how a bird sings... The show is ready once you open the book and hold it in front of your face. Of course, parents can previously teach their children how to imitate the animal which is drawn on the corresponding page. Children will have to find nine different animals, drawn with splendid colours. And, on the last page, a surprise is waiting for them. 

"It is such a pleasure for the little voice-imitators" (Westfällische Nachrichten).


"A challenge for imagination" (Leben und erziehen -Living and teaching).


"Like in The little hole or in A rainy day at the zoo, Isabil Pin works with visual ideas that result to be surprisingly simple but also really succesful in turning this sensitive books for children into a journey full of discoveries" (StadRevue Köln).


“ With books like “Run home, little mouse” or “If I were a lion” it is again proved that pop-up books and games can be a part of the learning process of children when these two tools are properly understood (with a right vocation and style). They are more than a window dressing to grab attention, but a component that makes the reading a richer experience (and that makes it possible)” (Babar Magazine).


Similar books
El pequeño agujero
The Little Hole
Isabel Pin

An amusing ad exciting travel in search of a mysterious little hole, which results to be not so far in the end…



“Strong book bound in boards, with a die cut hole that goes through all pages starting from the cover, resulting in a wonderful picture book… with marvelous drawings… it is a very enjoyable book to look again and again with pre-reader children and it is very easy to read by those which start to do it by their own” (CLIJ).



“Isabel Pin proves that it is possible to make good expressive art for the youngest children” (Eselshor, Children and Young Adults’ Literature Magazine)

PRICE: 13.94 €
A rainy day at the zoo
Isabel Pin

Little Ana and her father go together to the zoo to see the animals. However, it is raining when they arrive, and all animals stay inside their homes. In this zoo, each animal has its own house. That is why is not so difficult to know which house is the shelter of the giraffe, the elephant or many other animals. A board book with a good artistic level, sensitive, loving and amusing.



“Plasticity of each and every Isabel Pin’s pictures makes “A rainy day at the zoo” a unique book (Die Zeit).



“An original proposal because of its esthetic intention, because of Pin’s elegant, minimalist, charming pictures and because of its design, really right on the mark – glossy board book, with the drawings filling the double page or all the surface of odd pages.- Everything is harmony – the textured colours, the shapes, the simple but hypnotic arrangement- in this so strange and beautiful zoo… Readers will not find difficult to find which animal is living at which house, but they will enjoy the ride, with a scene setting that has a plasticity and an artistic level which are high above other picture books with similar proposals” (CLIJ, Children and Young adults Literature Notebooks).




“This pop-up book, in which the picture stands out the text, is perfect for youngest children to take part in the reading, together with the teacher and the other children, because its goal is to find who is living at each of the animals’ houses. This allows us to address lots of basic children education facets, such as the pleasure of reading, the development of creativity… Very elegant, big sized and with subtle colours pictures. A wise choice also because of the board-book edition, which allows the youngest of the kindergarten to enjoy it. This proposal is, therefore, high above other similar books from other publishing houses” (Soñando cuentos, Dreaming stories).

PRICE: 13.94 €
The day everyone came back to home earlier
Isabel Pin

Tom and the rest of the children are drawing. Lea draws a big Sun, Paul draws his new basket shoes… and what about Tom? His drawing causes a great dismay among adult people!


With an intelligent sense of humor, Isabel Pin tells us a story about the easiness and lack of concerns in children creativity. Adults, fearful observers, make a fool of themselves when they are compared with children.



“This story is also undoubtedly aimed to adults, who sometimes make a fool of themselves – like the ones who appear in this picture book – when they make a mountain out of a molehill… The main character, Tom, tells us in first person, amused and stunned, about the series of nonsense events caused by the first thing he drew when they had “free drawing” at school… This intelligent and delicate humor will lead us to talk about freedom of speech in artistic expression (CLIJ, Children and Young Adults’ Literature Notebooks).

PRICE: 13 €
A cloud in my bed
Heinz Janisch

Could you imagine something more beautiful than finding a white cloud in your bed? And what about something even funnier, like doing your homework with a gorilla? Or listening to the fish during the night? And, naturally, the most beautiful thing is to be able to tell and listen to these and other stories while you are sitting on a tree branch with your legs swaying.

Heinz Janisch makes us be spellbound by his short poetic stories about children’s endless fantasy and Isabel Pin captures that poetry with her pictures, in a unique, unmistakable way.


“I am sitting on the most beautiful tree in the world…”

“It is really important for me that children enjoy the books as gifts”  (Heinz Janisch).

Austrian Award to the Best Children and Young Adults’s Book 2008

“… undoubtedly, poetic stories sometimes appear on the trees, and, specially, in picture books like this one.”  (Die Zeit).

PRICE: 15.99 €
Mi mejor amigo es un gorila
Isabel Pin
Nine ama ir al zoo. Conoce a todos los animales por sus nombres: a la tímida marmota, al testarudo camello, a los cansados leones. Pero especialmente un nuevo habitante del zoo le ha llegado al corazón: Jo, el gigantesco gorila. A partir de ahora, Nine va al zoo casi todos los días a visitar a su nuevo amigo. Hasta que un día no se lo puede creer: Jo sale de su recinto, estrecha la pequeña mano de Nine en la suya y ambos se marchan caminando. ¡Comienza una gran aventura!

"... está editado con delicadeza e incluye imágenes diseñadas por la autora francesa en tonos amables que describen los paseos de la niña por el recinto y las extraordinarias aventuras que vive junto a su nuevo compañero. Entre las ilustraciones encontramos algunos homenajes solapados a iconos del cine clásico, como King Kong o interesantes composiciones que ayudan al pequeño lector a sumergirse en el misterio de la jungla. Un texto escrito con delicadeza y bañado por las poéticas propuestas de una artista que fue nominada para el prestigioso premio ALMA en varias ocasiones" (Canal Lector).
PRICE: 12 €
Querida tú a quien no conozco
Isabel Pin
Querida tú, te invito el sábado por la tarde, a las cuatro, a merendar en mi casa. No nos conocemos, pero la maestra dice que tú vienes de otro país...

A través de las palabras de una niña que escribe a una niña inmigrante que acaba de llegar a su clase para invitarla a merendar, el lector descubre el destino de los refugiados.

La descripción de la invitación, llena de emoción y curiosidad, continúa a lo largo del álbum hasta el deseado encuentro, simplemente dibujado.

Con pequeños toques se describe la vida de esta niña antes de la guerra, una vida no tan diferente de la niña que hoy la acoge.

"Querida tú a quien no conozco es un álbum de pequeñas dimensiones, pero de un gran trasfondo escondido detrás de una inocencia, ternura y curiosidad propias de la infancia" (David Gómez, Biblogtecarios).
PRICE: 12 €
For Your Interest
"Un libro delicioso" según la revista Peonza, que reseña el libro de Jürg Shubiger y Rotraut Susanne Berner "Una noche en el paraíso"
Cuando ya estamos en el ecuador de la estación primaveral y antes de que llegue el solsticio de verano, queremos mostraros nuestras novedades de primavera.
"Los libros siempre fueron como sobres sorpresa. Quería saber qué había en ellos" (Heinz Janisch).
No ha sido una sorpresa, sino una gran alegría que después de varios años nominado, el jurado del IBBY haya reconocido la obra de Janisch y le haya otorgado el Premio Hans Christian Andersen 2024 por sus libros.
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