Series  flecha A star is shining for you
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A star is shining for you
Nele Moost
Illustrations by Miriam Cordes
Bookbinding: board book, pop up
Size: 19 x 19 cms
ISBN: 978-84-96646-25-4
Age: 2 years old and up
PRICE:  12.5 €

There are not many things so mysterious for children as the shine from the stars. In this board book, there is a star for everyone that shines brilliantly. A star for the mouse, that has a toothache, for the little bears, in the need of a mother’s heat… and a star shinning specially for you.

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The dog on the moon
Nele Moost

The small dog and the big dog are dear close friends. However, one day another dog appears and the big dog doesn’t want to hear any longer about the little dog, who feels really disappointed and alone. But then, something unexpected happens… A book about friendship, treason and happiness.




- July 2000 Luch, awarded by Die Zeit newspaper

- Best Book of August 2000, awarded by German Children’s Literature




“The dog on the moon is a story about friendship told with a few, but accurate, words and with extraordinary illustrations” (Paco Abril in La Oreja Verde).

“A delicate and elegant picture book, with no shrillness, which is able to create a cossy poetic space” (Sergio Andricaín in Cuatrogatos, Children’s Literature Magazine).

PRICE: 13.6 €
There, where the canoes are shining
Nele Moost

Two friends live happily and merrily in the valley, until one day a stranger arrives and tell them about the sea. From then on, the two friends will live their lives with loads of nostalgia, yearning for that sea, where canoes are shining and barges are dancing. Although the way to there is not so long, they will have to overcome, above all, the Fear, that stands in the way.



“… a clear text that says a lot to young children and grown-ups. Going out and travelling are also ways to take ourselves back to our dreams” (Club Kirico).

PRICE: 13.6 €
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