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Very famous
Philip Waechter
Bookbinding: hardcover
Size: 16,2 x 16,2 cms
ISBN: 978-84-96646-00-1
Age: all ages
PRICE:  10.58 €

"I will be a famous footballer and I am facing a glorious and bright future” But, naturally, this decision must be carefully considered.

A charming book about football, full of humour and irony.


“… A reading to share with your friends in order to contrast ideas and points of view with them, in a playful and imaginative activity.” (CLIJ, March 2007)

"Very famous helps you to love yourself embracing your own limitations. This book invites us to smile following a young dreamer’s yearns for a great future, throughout pictures that reveal the real degree of his everyday achievements with a good sense of humour… far from sarcasm or satire, the irony of this picture book provides a touch of sweetness and mutual understanding. The sense of humour is just a delicate wink, a result of the lack of proportion between words and reasons. The narrator’s voice, naïve and presumptuous, together with the true testimony of the scenes illustrated in the pictures, place the adult readers in front of a mirror that shows their childhood. The identification is made stronger when you realize that even the most intense and unbreakable dreams from your childhood are, actually, ethereal and unstable.” (Villar Arellano in La tormenta en un vaso).

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John Sheep also wants to have a person
Kirsten Boie

John Sheep’s dearest wish is to have his very own little person. When a person is finally given to him, he has much work to do: feeding his Little one, cleaning his cage, taking him for a walk… However, a given day, Little one runs away to the forest. John was not aware of how fast people can be!


The world turned upside down! A surprising and witty story.




- the most animal-friendly children’s book (PETA, Germany)

- Selected on White Ravens’ list

- 7 best books for Young readers (German Radio, Focus Magazine)

- Book of the month (German Academy for Children and Young Adult’s Literature)  


- Recommended by Canal Lector



“An original and funny story, with a harsh touch, that will make people think. In a world turned upside down, with animals and humans swapping their roles, a young member of the sheep family insists on owning a pet…” (El País).


“… A tale to read again and again and to initiate a reflection among friends, parents, teachers…” (CLIJ).

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Philip Waechter

I am amazing, I have a heart of gold, the bear says. But in order to be happy, he would need a friend. A delightful, amusing and quite wise bool.


“This picture book is philosophic and poetic at the same time… A very human bear wanders through life with a careless, positive attitude, full of self-confidence. This story has been widely acclaimed and makes us to wonder while we smile.” (CLIJ).

“… a book that pampers us and help us to enjoy what we are and to look for shelter in others’ arms… I gives an enthusiasm for life and reminds us how wonderful is to be here” (Villar Arellano in Bloc, issue 0, 2207).

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Days of son
Philip Waechter

Philip Waechter narrates with a sense of humor and irony the nearly incredible luck being a father is. He introduces an “inexperienced” father, to whom everything suddenly seems to be a small miracle, who is moved by profane things such as changing his first diapers, the first belly-aches or the “war” with beetroot.


With his characteristic artistic style, he narrates the first baby steps in life, without forgetting, however, fidelity on every Sunday broadcasting the football match of his beloved team.


Philip Waechter skillfully narrates the happiness of being a father with unbeatable quality



“There are not so many books which are so accurate about the new generation of parents like this Philip Waechter’s book” (Suddeutsche Zeitung).


 “…Waecher successfully shows the essence of modern parenting. And he does it without falling into easy sentimentalisms, but applying a great sense of humor and delicacy to the text in order to hit the bull’s eye of the emotions a new born baby provokes in his father nowadays. It must be stated that all his work is characterized by a great ability to empathize with contemporaneous men’s feelings and to summarize them with a sense of humor…” (Marta Ansón in Educación y Biblioteca).

PRICE: 11.75 €
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"Fue un verano interminable..." Así comienza una de las novelas de Jutta Richter y eso nos está pareciendo a nosotros. Tenemos nostalgia de otoño, un otoño que esperamos con la ilusión de poder volver a encontrarnos en eventos presenciales y recuperar cierta normalidad. Mientras llega, queremos presentaros nuestras novedades para esa estación.
Entrevistamos a Eva Mejuto, nuestra autora del mes de agosto. Eva ha sido galardonada recientemente con el premio de los Clubs de Lectura de Galicia, como la autora más leída en dichos clubs de lectura y de la que en septiembre publicaremos un nuevo libro, "La lavandera de San Simón".
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