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Todo tiene su tiempo
Quint Buchholz
ISBN: 978-84-120521-9-0
PRICE:  11.54 €
"Todo tiene su tiempo y hay un tiempo para todo lo que ocurre bajo el cielo..." - los versículos se encuentran entre las partes más bellas de la Biblia. Dan consuelo y confianza y han sido uno de los textos clásicos de sabiduría de la humanidad.

Con sus imágenes, Quint Buchholz pone las líneas familiares en contextos sorprendentes. Un maestro de la imagen te invita a ver el texto antiguo con nuevos ojos. Una guía para la serenidad.

"Obra imprescindible, seductora para cualquier tipo de lector, que ayuda a valorar la riqueza de cada minuto de vida y a ser optimistas frente a los tiempos oscuros" (Canal Lector).

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El coleccionista de momentos_cubierta
The Collector of Moments
Quint Buchholz

The friendship between an artist and a boy who is attracted by the painter Max’s personality and work and allowed by him to be in his study but not to look at the pictures he draws. Only when the artist set out for a long journey, he gives the boy his study’s key. And when the boy comes in, alone for the first time, he finds a whole exhibition displayed specially for his eyes.

The Collector of Moments is the story of a friendship, in which the boy learns that the world is not just what the observer contemplates.



-Bologna Ragazzi Award


- Catholic award to Books for Children and Young-Adults, given by German Episcopal Conference


- Mildred L. Batchelder Award Honor Book given by American Association to the best book of the year in USA



"A master class in Art” (CLIJ, Children and Young Adults’ Literature Notebooks).



 “… each picture is itself a story, a tale that hides another tale inside it. Stories that belongs to the voyage of discover the artist in the leading role suggests to young Max, and which is discovered by him at the end of the book in the form of wonderful pictures, perfectly showing the tenderness and magic that the unforgettable moments are told with” (Soñando cuentos).

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“A wonderful picture book” (El País).


"A book as beautiful as little bear’s moonlit eyes” (La Oreja Verde).


 “We (…) do not just like it, but we are dazzled by it. Each word in this picture book can be enjoyed as the apples decorating little Bear’s trousers, and as soon as you have read the text on the even page and then you have a look to the picture on the odd page, this taste is multiplied and completed” (Babar Magazine).

PRICE: 12.02 €
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